Nissan Electric Car Maintenance Near Laurel, MD

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Nissan Electric Car Maintenance

As the transition to electric vehicles gains momentum, more and more people have questions about the maintenance needs of EVs. At Jim Coleman Nissan of Silver Spring, we understand our customers' concerns about the costs and requirements of servicing their all-electric Nissan ARIYA or LEAF. To address these concerns, we've compiled a list of Nissan EV service frequently asked questions!

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Nissan EV Service FAQs

Do EVs require servicing?

Yes, like any other vehicle type, an EV needs routine maintenance such as brake repairs and tire rotations to keep it running at its best. However, because electric cars do not have an internal combustion engine (ICE), they do not require oil changes or many other regular maintenance tasks associated with gasoline-powered vehicles. This makes models like the all-electric Nissan ARIYA an incredibly low-maintenance vehicle to own.

What kind of maintenance do electric cars require?

All-electric cars still need routine upkeep for non-engine-related needs, such as tire service, brake checks and other performance-related aspects. Additionally, EVs may require battery servicing over time depending on conditions like your driving habits or climate. We recommend visiting our local Nissan service center near Laurel to periodically to get your ARIYA or LEAF the expert care it deserves.

Do electric cars need oil changes?

No! Because Nissan electric vehicles feature an electric motor rather than an internal combustion engine, there is no need for oil changes or fluid top-offs.

Are electric cars cheaper to maintain than gas vehicles?

In general, EVs are cheaper to maintain than gas vehicles thanks to their electric system. Electric motors are made up of fewer components than internal combustion engines -- hence, there are fewer parts that can break or wear out over time. Moreover, not needing oil changes or specific fluids topped off regularly also saves on costs in the long run.

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